Raise your hand if this is you:

With dishes, Tupperware, glasses and more – you always seem to run out of kitchen storage. There never seem to be enough! You end up shoving weird shaped appliances, or pans in awkward places, and leaving a bunch of clutter on the countertop.

 If you raised your hand… you are in need of a Woolrich Kitchen renovation!

Our renovations are not only for the aesthetic, but also for storage and functionality within your home (especially the kitchen). Here are some of our favourite kitchen storage ideas that will change the way you view your kitchen!



If you think about some of the most commonly purchased produce items; potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, avocados, etc. You will find that these are items that should be kept somewhere dark with circulating air to keep them fresh. Baskets are a great way to store these common items, but most homes don’t have designated storage space for these fruits and veggies!

 We love these pull out/removable baskets from Burlanes. You can remove them to dump out onion skins and loose bits, or move them onto the counter for easier food prep.




Sometimes you need a cupboard face to balance out the visual the symmetry of a kitchen. However, drawers are far more functional for your needs, which is why we love drawers that look like cupboards – like these from Decor Pad. Perfect for spices, bottles, cans and dry goods, these spaces add a lot of storage, while providing the symmetry visually.  



You’ve probably heard of an appliance garage before, but have you ever heard of a “convenience cupboard”? This example from Marvel Cabinetry in Calgary is essentially an oversized appliance garage! The doors tuck beside the body of the cabinet, providing a cavity that is deep enough for your coffee machine, microwave and other odds and ends. The nice thing about this is that you can keep it open if you please, and close it up when you have guests or get tired of the visual clutter. Ingenious.



Almost every kitchen has a faux panel at the front of a sink to hide the sink basin, but we love to take function to the next level. We love this tilt drawer from The Hardware Hut; the perfect location to keep your kitchen sponge, scrub brush, steel wool or dishcloth, with convenient access and no visual clutter. Win win.


Have you ever thought about the wasted storage space under your base cabinets? It’s 4 inches of height that isn’t being used at all! This toe kick storage idea from Driven By Decor, is brilliant. It is the perfect place to store serving dishes that are infrequently used, kid’s craft supplies, or even the dog’s bowls! What would you do with all that extra storage space?



It’s so convenient to have certain items out on the counter all the time, but let’s face it, they’re messy looking and add to the visual clutter of a space. We’ve probably mentioned this before (once or twice), but we love appliance garages! Such as this one from Medallion Cabinetry! They are the perfect way to keep that counter clutter to a minimum while never having to drag out a coffee pot, mix master or toaster ever again! Talk about ideal!


If you are looking to update your kitchen, or adding a little more functionality, send us an email to get started!