Diamond Ridge Cochrane

Cochrane Home Renovation

Diamond Ridge

Living on an acreage outside of Cochrane, this family of 4 decided it was time to make their builder home of 20 years their custom adult home! They loved their space on the acreage, and just wanted to be able to love the interior of their home just as much.

Their wish-list focused on their bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom had such a small shower with a single sink, it felt tight and had a lot of unused space. The kitchen was small and separated from the dining room with a walk in pantry. For a main floor that had such a large square footage, it didn’t use the space well.

After we got our hands on both projects, both spaces are laid out perfectly for the family. Making the most of the unused space, and improving the functionality. The kitchen is one of our favourites, and has such a great multi-functioning island for family and friends to enjoy!

Cochrane Home Renovation