Meet Dreyton! Our second winner of our 3D Rendering giveaway, who couldn’t wait to see what his home COULD look like with a facelift, and the help of our amazing exterior designer, Rodolfo!

The only big request from Dreyton, besides improving the look of the homes exterior, was the need to increase the size of the Walk in Closet in their bedroom.

So, we had to take into consideration the shape and feel of the current interior and bring that out to the exterior view of the home.




Our proposal from our exterior designer, Rodolfo, was to extend the existing Walk in Closet to the front of the house (on top of the garage) creating an extension of the space.

For the look, the different lines and shapes and elements of the house, gave Rodolfo the opportunity to propose something more contemporary without effecting the attributes of the interior space. Instead, he could make those spaces and uses have a better definition when it came to the home’s exterior.

The horizonal roofline makes the home look wider and more dynamic. The three proposals come together to incorporate more or less modern elements according to the feasibility and budget of the client. Giving Dreyton options based on taste and total spend!

Take a look below, at our owner Cecily Woolrich, explaining this clients exterior renovation proposal. 



OPTION #3 (a)