Meet Natasha! A Calgary resident and homeowner, in the Willow Park area. After winning our “3d Rendering Giveaway” #WoolrichFabulous Contest – she couldn’t wait to see what her home COULD look like with the help of our amazing team – and resident exterior designer, Rodolfo!

During our initial meeting, we discussed all the things Natasha wanted to improve to her current home. Not only did we want to know how we could make her home “look better”, but also wanted to take into account the wants and needs she and her family had to improve the functionality of her space overall. Natasha’s main wish list included:

  • Extension of the Master Bedroom – to have a bigger ensuite and walk in closet
  • Natural light in the upper Hallways and Stairs
  • Increasing the Foyer size

In order to satisfy these needs, and improve the look and feel of the home exterior, our external designer got to work on presenting 3 sepertate options to Natasha and her family.



Our external designer, Rodolfo, kept the wish list Natasha presented as a baseline. While taking into consideration the layout of the home, and the neighborhood – he came up with three different designs that would meet the family’s needs for an exterior renovation.

The Willow Park neighborhood was an important source of ideas and a great generator of aesthetic solutions. The diversity of styles and sizes of homes greatly influences his proposal for Natasha and her family. He mixed in contemporary and traditional features. Using materials such a brick, wood, steel and glass – which would stand up to the test of time.

He made sure there would be added room for the master bedroom, a bigger ensuite and master closet. Included windows for natural light throughout the home and increased the dimensions for a larger foyer for the family. Trees, plants and landscaping elements would surround the house, adding warmth and dimension. While he maximized the use of outdoor space, including patios on both floors as shown on the renderings.



OPTION #3 (a)

OPTION #3 (b)