Sometimes one of the biggest struggles homeowners have is making small or difficult spaces work. However, a space does not have to be big and spacious in order to work well. It all comes down to the design. Using every square inch for a purpose. In our years of experience, the small spaces that need the most work are: kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom.



It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so when you have a kitchen that isn’t working for you,it can be incredibly frustrating.

Here are some of our top tips to maximize your small kitchens functionality and appearance: 



Adding a Nice Big Island

Making sure there is storage in the front and the back. This trick is a great way to maximize storage space without sacrificing style.


Add a Cabinet at Counter Level

For all those commonly used appliances that you don’t want to see! Eliminating clutter can open up your kitchen space and make your kitchen feel larger. 


Add some Pretty Appliances

Keep your space feeling stylish and fresh by investing in some pretty appliances that are used every day on your countertop. This will elevate the feeling of the small space and make it feel “stylish”.



Master bedrooms are supposed to be a retreat away from the rest of the world, and tiny masters can be a real deal-breaker for homeowners.

Here are some of our top tips to maximize your small master bedrooms functionality and appearance:


Surround your Bed with Storage

Anchor the bed to the wall and surround it with floor to ceiling built in storage. This will create a centre of the room, while adding a ton of storage.


Add a unique, eye-catching Headboard

Add a unique, eye-catching headboard. Such as a grand button tuffed headboard or a large reclaimed wood piece. It will add some refined customization to your small space and a focal point for the room.


Mirrors, Mirrors

Add a few mirrors, on one large anchored mirror. This opens up the room a lot, and provides you a place to view your outfit choices before heading out the door (haha). 


Closed Storage Solutions

Add some closed storage solutions.  By closing off the storage, you limit the amount of clutter, which allows the eye to focus on the lush bedding rather than clutter!





Bathrooms are often a bone of contention between owner and home. There is so much that is stored in the bathroom. If the space is cramped, you end up shoving all the necessities into every space you can. This is both not aesthetically pleasing, and your bathroom then looses all functionality.

 Here are some of our top tips to maximize your small bathrooms functionality and appearance:


Take out the Tub

Take out the tub, if possible. Adding a shower means you can do floor to ceiling glass which really opens up a space and makes it feel larger. You can even add a bench seat in the shower for added functionality. Wall niches in showers are also great opportunity to add some creative flair with accent tiles, and added storage. 


Add a Double Vanity

This adds a lot more storage, and functionality, especially if you are living with your partner (who wants to bump elbows anyway?). With a little bit of digging, you can find smaller vanities that will fit in a tight space, but also has two sinks.


If you’re struggling with a small space in your home, chat with a designer to see if there is a way to make the space more functional for you and your family! These renovations pay off in the end, and more importantly, make your life a whole lot easier.