What is it about spring that makes us want to binge clean our homes and de-clutter our living spaces? Well after the long, cold winter we have just had, it’s finally time to knock some critical tasks off the “to-do” list to get the house summer ready. Especially with all the time spent at home in the upcoming weeks – this is something that is on our mind MORE THAN EVER!

With the first day of summer quickly approaching, check out our summer checklist to prepare your home from the hot summer heat. Let’s start refreshing our homes with a thorough clean!



Whether you’re the type of person who organizes closets regularly, dusts every corner and nook, or the type to casually tidy up every so often – the home can always use an attentive tidying!

Start with the interior of the home – clean and rearrange the kitchen, disinfect the washrooms, sweep, mop and tidy up entrances, hallways and basements. This first step will make you love the time spent in your home. Once the interior is spotless, move onto the exterior of the home. Hire a maintenance company to clean the chimney flue, and to clean out winter debris from gutters. Neglecting these crucial areas of the home can be problematic if they go unnoticed.




Once the house is clean and tidy, maintaining the home to keep it in the top shape possible is essential. While you’re cleaning, keep an eye out for any signs of mold or leaks in the house.

After the frigid winter we just experienced, its important to examine roof shingles. Any shingles that are cracked, loose or are missing granules must be replaced immediately. If you aren’t confident in checking the shingles, hire a professional for a second opinion.

While working outside, check faucets for freeze damage, any exposed woodwork and check the seal on windows and screen doors. Finally, check the sprinklers and irrigation systems for proper servicing, outdoor lighting for proper use and examine concrete pathways and driveways for cracks.




After the harsh winter we just experienced, the exterior paint is in need of some love! One of the best ways to revamp any space is a fresh coat of paint, and late spring is the perfect time to do it.

Your house will be looking immaculate for those summer hangouts and barbecues. The fresh paint will ALSO add value and appeal to your home. Not sure what colour to choose? Check out Houzz and Pinterest for inspiration!




We all know that feeling when spring comes around, that annual desire to plant herbs and seeds for fresh flower bouquets. Well this year is the year! Head to the local garden centre and pick up some seeds, and dedicate one sunny Sunday to the garden.

Bring on the July sunshine and you will have a gorgeous entrance or backyard, and only yourself to thank. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, hire a landscaping company – they work wonders!




If you have that amazing deck with the view and the sunshine – use it! After a long winter of neglect, the deck and fence may need some maintenance and care before the hot and dry summer.

Remove any lingering piles of wood or debris surrounding the deck. This will eliminate any unwelcome pests. Remove any debris including fallen leaves and vegetation as the tannins may stain the deck. Clean the deck with a safe, material-specific cleaning agent and avoid using harsh cleaning tools.




Now that the deck is cleaned up and ready for the season, it’s time to bring out the outdoor furniture and hook up the barbecue. Whether you are heading in the contemporary direction with a propane fireplace on the patio, a more Tuscan-inspired set up with stonework and a fountain or a rustic campfire fit for a family, impress your guests with a welcoming outdoor living space.

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to get the house summer-ready!

Celebrate the warmer weather by checking off the summer home checklist!  Staying on top of cleaning and maintaining the home helps add value and appeal to the home and will reinstate your love for the place that you call home!