Woolrich Group

We are a passionate team of entrepreneurs, designers, coordinators, and professionals; along with a tight knit group of trades, artisans, and suppliers who have worked together for many years. Our relationships have been built on teamwork and trust.

Collaboration between design, construction and our clients is at the heart of our renovation process. Our “hands-on” team works closely every step of the way to maximize efficiencies, take action on challenges and ideas, and create a space that is your own.

The Experience

There is an Art and Science to creating an outstanding living space from an existing home.  Renovations involve many people and products, with a large number of moving parts. Inevitably, pieces of the renovation puzzle move and change; decisions need to be made quickly and wisely – with an eye to budget, timeline and while maintaining the overall aesthetics.

Our Process

Our experience has taught us that opportunities, challenges and ideas will always arise after plans have been made. We embrace the fact that change will always be part of the process, and we use it to the advantage of our team and our clients. Our design and construction teams collaborate every step of the way, allowing us to quickly identify opportunities, have open and honest discussions, and take action on change in a way that furthers your project goals.

Our integrated process was rewarded with 5-Star customer satisfaction reviews in both 2015 and 2016, the ultimate measure to our success.

Relationship Focused

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do.  We forge strong relationships with our clients and our team. The renovation process is not an easy one, but we believe that through trust, clear communication and collaboration, we can make it as easy as possible.

Cecily Woolrich

Managing Partner

Cecily is passionate about working to make the renovation experience for the client as simple, and as enjoyable, as possible. Over the past 19 years, she has designed and contracted many residential and commercial projects – and has done so in almost every capacity. Her knowledge of how things are constructed is one of her strongest assets in guiding Woolrich Group’s renovation process.  She is continuously looking for ways to work to bridge the gap between design and construction.

With a nickname like MacGyver, you can understand why Bruce is an important part of the Woolrich Group team as the lead general contractor.  Bruce’s background in the management of large restaurant chains provides him the skills to multitask – dealing with both trades and clients and the designers.
Problem-solving, scheduling, and good trade relations are a big part of his critical contributions to the process.

Bruce Woolrich

Partner/Project Coordinator

Kelsey Kittleson, BID

Interior Designer

As an interior designer with over 10 years of experience Kelsey is passionate about residential design and making a home work spatially and aesthetically. With a Bachelor of Interior Design from Mount Royal University she enjoys both the technical side and the creative side of design. She loves digging in to the details to make a clients dream a reality. Her style is a mix of modern and classic with a vintage flair. Mixing the different styles keeps the spaces interesting.

A great company always needs a detailed accountant in the background…who understands the process.  Not only is Karina a Chartered Accountant, she thoroughly understands the process, as she has been a client.  She manages the financial side of the company, tracking expenses against budgets, with the finest detail.  Karina’s tenacity to get it right has a significant impact on Woolrich Group’s success.

Karina Neill, CA

General Manager

Ivan Colley

General Construction

Ivan is the strong backbone of all the day-to-day activity on site. When he puts his head into something, not much will stop him from getting it done fast and efficiently…with the exception of the family pets. Ivan is an animal lover, so your pets will get all the attention they can handle from him onsite!

Woolrich is pleased to introduce and welcome our new Operations Manager, Lucy Mrakawa. Lucy comes with her many years of experience in management and renovation/property development. With her love of construction, this is truly a great fit for our expanding team at Woolrich. Lucy’s passion for her work, growth and building futures is of the upmost importance!  Her goals are to bring core values to every aspect of the business. The past 4 years had been focused on building an integrative medical centre. As co-founder of EvolveWell, Lucy believes that an integrative health and wellness model is the way of the future. Previously, Lucy held the position of Project Director at Emerson, successfully planning, designing and managing the construction build-out of the Emerson’s new Calgary Quarry Park facility for 9 Emerson divisions. Currently at Woolrich Group as Manager of Operations Lucy is responsible for analyzing and continuing to develop new plans to drive the company’s growth and nurture new business opportunities. Lucy is excited to work with a great team of like-minded professionals focused on delighting our customers with their design, renovation and construction projects.

Lucy Mrakawa

Operations Manager