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Investing in your backyard can be one of the most rewarding spaces to spend money on, but chances are if you’re Canadian, you understand the harsh reality of our short summers all too well. However, what if we told you that you can maximize usage and even extend your patio season by several months with some of these amazing design solutions?

First up, the covered living area: having a covered space, like this one designed by Jonathan Stanton Inc, ensures you can use the space rain or shine. Having the ability to curl up under a blanket, in front of a crackling fire any night of the week, is a definite bonus for us Canadians. It also provides shade so you can still be outdoors, making the most of the summer weather, while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. We love this example because they incorporated ceiling fans and lights, (and you could even add some heaters for those cooler evenings) making the space feel luxurious while being ultra-functional.

The second example we love is this screened in patio by Dewson Construction Company. This kind of set up allows you to grill, relax and unwind in a bug and rain-free environment. Not only is this space functional for spring, summer, and fall, but you are still able to barbecue in the middle of winter without having to shovel a path to the barbecue first! There are some beautiful framework designs you can do which make the space feel incredibly unique and customized all while adding value to your home.

NanaWall, Coulter Residence Seattle

Next up, we love the use of Nanawalls to cohesively merge the outdoors with the indoors. On those hot summer days, you can open the entire wall of your house and have both amazing airflow and visual flow throughout your space. This will also add tonnes of square footage to your livable space while creating a statement with your design. What a cool way to add character to your home and bring the outdoors in!

The fourth “outdoor” space solution we love is a Solarium, like this one from Patio Enclosures. The perfect addition to a home that can be used year round. A combination of screen, glass, and doors make this space the pinnacle of seasonally flexible design. We love how this design opens onto a deck, with a seamless flooring transition for when you want to open up the entire space. Imagine lounging under the stars on a clear summer night while listening to the wind rustling through the leaves, watching the rain pour down around you, or even having the ability to watch the first snowfall while toasty and warm, sipping a hot cup of tea, sounds pretty idyllic to us!

If you’re contemplating an exterior renovation this summer, why not look into options like these so you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest and maybe even all year long!

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