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You’ve decided to revamp an existing space, now what? It’s time to begin! After searching for inspiration on Houzz and Pinterest for hours, it’s time to make a critical decision: who to hire. You ultimately have two choices: hire a contractor and a separate designer or an integrated design-build team. We may be biased, but we think choosing an integrated design-build team is a no-brainer!

Reasons to hire an integrated design-build team:

  1. You’ll save time – hand the project off to a project management team and spend your time doing something you enjoy, stress free. The project managers know the tradespeople, products and resources needed for the project.
  2. Architects, interior designers, carpenters are experts. By hiring an experienced team, you’ll reap the benefits of their wealth of knowledge and skills, ensuring the custom project runs smoothly.
  3. The wealth of knowledge will save you from confusion: their expertise and experience working with certain materials, companies, distributors will all contribute to a foolproof design plan and renovation.
  4. Your timing and expenses will be significantly more accurate. The hired team have completed similar projects over and over, and have a better understanding of timelines and price points. Let an integrated
  5. You’ll get the professional eye for design and attention to detail of the experienced team, all in one quote.

Integrated design and construction team: Designed and decorated Living room


  • Only one contract and contact
  • Established teamwork, policies and procedures ensures accurate cost and time estimates
  • Avoid extra construction administration  and red tape
  • Clear communication among the team will help avoid price surges from order changes
  • Designers have knowledge and easy access to trades to apply accurate budgets when designing
  • Deadlines are more likely to be met and clear communication will ensure early notice if there are any discrepancies
  • Established relationships will reduce conflict


  • Less negotiation in the bidding process may raise initial cost estimates, however the final cost is likely to be lower due to less unforeseen complications
  • Heavy level of trust is required for the full service team, do your due diligence

Integrated design and construction team: Designed and decorated TV room

While there are separate contractors and designers who work to complete the renovation and construction process, at Woolrich Group, we do it together.

Renovations involve many people and products, with a large number of moving parts. Pieces of the renovation puzzle will move and change, leading to decisions that will need to be made quickly and wisely.

These decisions must consider the budget, timeline and overall aesthetics of the project. That is why we employ an integrated design-build structure.

To read more about the pros of hiring an integrated design team, check out our recent blog post: What are the pros of Integrated Design?.

Integrated design and construction team: Designed and decorated kitchen


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