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Like any good chocolate chip recipe, you wouldn’t keep all the ingredients separate. Having designers, a contractor, access to trades and structural knowledge mixed together as one is a great way to ensure that your end design will turn out even better than that secret cookie recipe!

What is Integrated design?


Integrated design is the collaboration of the main parties involved in the construction process when usually they would be seen as separate individuals. To avoid the hassles of project management and the nightmares of the un-known, it’s always good to consider the construction triangle and how an integrated design and construction firm can simplify the process.

Design & Construction process


Building with Integrated design and construction


This triangle illustrates the importance of communication between designers, contractors and the client.

What are the pros when hiring an Integrated design team?


  1. Having a unified team ensures that the designer, contractor and tradesmen work efficiently and compliment each other.
  2. Connecting individuals under one roof guarantees they share the same budget and timeline goals rather than separate.
  3. Bundling the team together saves you the stress of becoming a project manager.
  4. Having an integrated design and construction firm reduces the red tape when communicating ideas.
  5. Integrated design and construction firms communicate easily among their team members allowing them to accommodate changes quickly.

Is Integrated design right of you?

[one_second]If you’ve dreamed of renovating your space to create something unique but you’re not sure where to start and you lack the time to invest in being a project manager then integrated design and construction design is your best option.[/one_second][one_second]

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