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After spending copious hours indoors during this years long winter, are you tired of looking at your same old kitchen, office, deck, bathroom etc.? Now that winter has hopefully left (you can never be too sure in Alberta), it is the perfect time to consider a home or office renovation. Beat the post-vacation renovation crowd and let’s start checking off that to-do list before the hot summer heat.

Undeniable signs that you are ready for a home renovation:

You’re tired, sick or bored of your existing home, office or furnishings

Although you used to love the backsplash you installed five years ago, it is starting to look dated and it is time for a refresh with some of the new, current home trends we are seeing and obsessing over. While the white kitchen with slate used to be the hot trend, incorporations of colour and textures is helping wake up a kitchen. Patterned backsplash, anyone?

You know what you want

You have a clear idea of what you like and don’t like. You have a Pinterest overflowing with ideas and an inspiration gallery on Houzz of appealing additions. Your list of To-dos has grown too large for your capacity and it is time to take action!

You know the exact area

You are thinking of a specific area right now that could use an update. Is it that stubborn faucet knob in the basement ensuite? Or the desk drawer you must jiggle a certain way to open? Or perhaps the chipped paint in the foyer? Whatever it is, it is time to stop saying ‘we’ve been working on fixing that for a while’ and to fully eliminate these cringe-evoking problems.

You’ve got the time & budget

It is now time to stop creating inspiration boards and take action! With winter ending and summer activities and weekends at the lake just around the corner, it is the perfect time to renovate. From redecorating an individual office to revamping your entire home, a remodeling can help make your home feel brand new. After doing some financial homework, let us work with you to incorporate fresh ideas and make your house a home again.


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