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Although home is where the heart is your mind always wanders back to when you can run away on your next spa retreat. The amazing hydrotherapy with delicious lavender fragrances and the ultra soft towels. Plush slippers you’d sink your feet into as you made your way to your next massage session. With this kind of luxury treatment, it’s no surprise that you wouldn’t want to leave this kind of paradise.

Fortunately, the dream doesn’t have to end! Although you won’t be able to have a massage therapist in your ensuite, you can still follow these tips to make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa.


Clutter can make any space feel stressful and unorganized. Remove anything that you don’t use daily and get creative when displaying toiletries. Try placing rolled towels in a hand-woven basket and a clear glass jar to hold cotton balls. Organizing and styling your makeup and toiletries is a great way to give your ensuite a quick makeover


Nothing is worse then getting out of a relaxing hot shower stepping onto ice cold tiled floor and into a limp towel. Consider installing in floor heating and adding a towel warming rack with plush soft towels.


Scents are a great way to boost your mood and health. Although it’s great to be surrounded by romantic candles, oil diffusers will ensure both scent and safety. Try lavender or jasmine for a soothing atmosphere.

Calming colors

Colors have a huge impact on the mood of a space. By selecting neutral tones such as beige, white and greys will ensure your ensuite is a relaxing environment. Strong accents and bright colorful shower curtains will take away from the calming spa-like atmosphere you are trying to create.

Shower Head

If your bathroom doesn’t have room for a soaker tub you can still achieve a spa like atmosphere by updating your shower. An open and simplistic shower design with a massage shower head will make your ensuite feel spacious and luxurious.

Bring nature inside!

Adding houseplants and flowers into your bathroom is a great way to add life to your bathroom while still giving it a relaxing and tranquil setting. Try filling a vase with fresh flowers, hanging a potted plant from the ceiling or setting potted plants around the bathroom to embrace natural elements.

Turning your ensuite in a spa retreat is easier than you think. With just a few bathroom renovations and additions, you can immediately turn your bathroom into a personal oasis, even if it’s short on space.

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