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Master bedroom design with custom wood 4 post bed and custom draperies
In the world of renovation the bedrooms seem to be the last on the list to get attention. The focus is generally in the public spaces, kitchen/bathrooms and living rooms to impress family and friends, create more function or increase resale. While I agree with those points it is sometimes the perfect time to treat yourself! Make your private spaces as functional and luxurious as the public areas of the house. You deserve it!
Whether you have a large room or a small one there are many options to add storage, style and
comfort Small bedroom reno, tall closets, custom headboard with storage and upholsteryto make your space a beautiful retreat for you to enjoy. The bed is really the focal point of the room and thus the attention to detail there can set the tone of the whole space. To that point custom heads boards are a great way to not only add style but storage also. In this image
the headboard becomes part of the room creating style with the tufted upholstered center and the extra storage on the side to help keep everything off the floor and out of sight.
Custom bedding is a luxury that you need to be ready for. Selecting the perfect fabrics to create a
perfectly fitted duvet cover with throw to match makes you want to dive in andWoolrigh-Group-Project-It-all-started-with-the-tub-06 never leave. Drapery is huge in the bedroom as well, not only functionally to block light and give you the dark cacoon you want at night but to add texture and pattern. Having the fabric on the walls in the space can really give a cozy luxurious feeling.
And finally lighting, lighting will change any space so of course in the bedroom you want to customize it to set a mood. The style of the fixture, dimmer switches, and locations of accent lighting will pull everything together in your private retreat!

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