Main floor renovation where we opened up a wall to expand the kitchen. White cabinetry, large island, professional appliances, industrial lighting, tall pantries and open stairwell.

Kitchen Design : Great tips to keep in mind when planning a kitchen renovation continued…

     6. Storage and organization 

One of the biggest mistakes people make in the planning stage of a kitchen is underestimating how much storage they need. Use every nook and cranny of the space to fit extra storagMain floor renovation where we opened up a wall to expand the kitchen. White cabinetry, bar area, open shelves, industrial lighting, tall pantries and display cabinets.e in. Tall pantries with roll out shelves, appliance garages to keep appliances off the countertops, deep drawers and cabinets to the ceiling. Don’t forget the garbage and recycling pullouts to keep clutter as low as possible in the space.

     7. Friends and Family Friendly

Everyone always congregates in and around the kitchen. Creating space in the kitchen outside of the work space for people to linger is great. Islands are great for this, they tend to separate the ‘working’ part of the kitchen but allow for entertaining and socializing while you work. Opening the kitchen to other social spaces in the house such as the living room, dining room or even an out door space keeps everyone in sight and conversation without affecting your flow in the kitchen.

8. Materials and Finishes 

Whether you go natural or for the more engineered type products make sure they reflect your personality and work well for your lifeNew home build with large two tone kitchen, full height cherry cabinets, raised bar with storage to the dining room and a grid ceiling Some products while beautiful require a bit more care and maintenance. They are definitely worth the extra attention if you have it however, if this is not your thing there are plenty of finishes that can stand up to a bit of wear and tear but still look great.
 9. Budget 

Renovating a kitchen is not a job that is done in stages, it is an all encompassing commitment. The kitchen is the most important part of the home with regards to function, resale and heart so if it’s not in the budget at the time it’s best to wait until it is. There are lots of ways to keep a budget in check without compromising on looks or function,  however spending a little extra to get what you want is not wasted. The kitchen the most used space in the house and you will almost always get your money out of a kitchen renovation in the resale.

 10. Keep it clean  

Kitchen renovation with reclaimed wood cabinetry, concrete countertops, an appliance garage, builtin fridge, and display cabinets.Even in a well used kitchen it’s nice when everything has it’s place. It keeps you organized, efficient and doesn’t leave your kitchen looking like a junk collection. When planning include things like appliance garages, pan racks in cabinets, large roll out drawers, etc. to make sure that toasters, cutting boards, spices, oils, etc. are all tucked away and organized. Your kitchen will function better for you and stay clutter free.


The best kitchens are well thought out and planned before the first hammer swing, you’ll be very glad you took the time!


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