Master bedroom design with custom wood 4 post bed and custom draperies

Renovating can be extremely tough…some would say it is one of the hardest thimg_9525blend-copyings to go through in ones life. Moving out, watching what used to be your home be pulled apart, dust explosions everywhere, huge cost, hundreds of questions, decisions and just plain being unsettled for what could be months. But then, when it’s all over…Wow, your new space is complete, clean and just how you want it. You can’t wait to move back in and get a fresh start in your fabulous new space! It takes some time before you get everything in place, learn how to live in the new space and start to heal from the experience of renovating. Soon enough it is like it never happened and you are just enjoying your home again. It’s a good feeling until ‘IT’ happens…the itch…the ‘what else can I update’ itch. Sometimes the itch is instant, for some it takes a few months and for some it’s before they even move back in. The space is great new and fresh, but the old furniture just doesn’t feel right. There are certain pieces that are timeless but some are feeling old and tired in this brand new space. Stage two begins…Re-decorating. You’ve invested in the space and now it’s time to put some time and money into the furnishings, window coverings and decor to bring everything up to the same level. Some pick away one item at a time and some do a full overhaul. Decorating canWoolrigh-Group-Project-Yes-we-do-custom-furniture-and-drapery-06 be hard…finding the right piece that has the right tones, the right size, the right look and the right price can be a long process. The thought of cimg_3438blend-copy_2ustom furniture can be overwhelming and many don’t even consider it but it’s a great option that would make things so much easier, especially for the staple items that the space revolves around. Couches, sectionals, chairs, Beds, bedding, etc. can all be custom made to your specifications and unique to only you. The options are endless. Who better to call for help in this department than the company that helped put the space together during the renovation. We know the colours, your lifestyle and the space so well to be able to help design and select proper fabrics and pieces that will perform the way you need. They can be designed to fit just right in your space and suit your style perfectly with the quality to last the test of time. It saves time, stress and leaves you with a space furnished with pieces unique to only you. We can help you scratch that itch!



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