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We approached our recent renovation excited yet fearful of all the what- ifs and renovation horror stories that we’ve seen on television. Our home, built in the late 60’s, was desperately in need of a main floor renovation if we were going to continue to live there. After our initial meeting with Cecily, that all disappeared and we were left with feelings of anticipation and excitement. During these meetings, Cecily paid strict attention to our needs and wants in order to come up with a budget of projected costs. We were then able to look at what we really wanted and needed to make our renovation successful.

The initial design meetings not only put us at ease but they were thorough and comprehensive in their attention to detail. She was able to pinpoint a design that was functional and at the same time reflected our personalities. Our renovation included an open concept design of our kitchen, dining and family areas along with a new bathroom. Her introduction of some innovative design elements has given our house a unique appeal letting it stand out from other main floor renovations. We never would have imagined that these elements could work so well in our space.

The timeline presented by Woolrich group was bang on, an extremely important part of the renovation as we lived in the basement throughout the renovation. Having Woolrich Group, including Bruce and Kelsey, handle all of the design and general contracting duties removed an enormous amount of stress from our lives as they coordinated details, trades, timelines and any issues that arose.

Cecily and her entire group were fantastic from start to finish with open and clear communication consistently demonstrated throughout the process. The trades and employees of Woolrich group exemplified quality and professionalism at all times, going above and beyond when it came to the crunch time.

In the end we have a beautiful main floor which is open and flows with charm and flair. Our house has finally become a home that we love and actually enjoy spending time in. Only Cecily knew that such a stunning gem was hidden underneath.

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