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Small bedroom reno, tall closets, custom headboard with storage and upholstery

Whether you are a Designer, architect, builder or even a gardener dealing with someone’s home there are certain unwritten simple design rules to keep your project in check.

Rule 1 – Your home/Your style

Always keep the client’s needs and wants in the forefront. Listen, listen, listen! Whether the client knows it or not they Guest suite renovation bathroom with a freestanding tub, poplar tree trunk wallpaper, pebble floor and shower curtain on a rail that surrounds the tub.know their likes and dislikes. It is up to you to pull it out of them. Don’t push your views or the newest fad on them unless it is asked for. The best result is putting together a space that is unique to them and respects their needs.

Rule 2 – Simplicity

Less is more…as they say. Keep the design of the space nice, clean and simple. When the client moves in and decorates with all their possessions, which is where the character gets emphasized. The home should not look better empty.

Rule 3 – Light it up – the natural way

Natural light should always be on the forefront of our minds. It is the best way to bring life and energy to a spac20150207-DSC_3480e, but can also help economically by reducing heating costs.

Rule 4 – Keep Lifestyle the priority

We are designing spaces for people to live in, not a showpiece. Keeping the space comfortable and efficient for that specific client makes them enjoy it more and really want to live in the home. Their lifestyle, their priorities and their style. The home should feel and flow naturally for the homeowner. A space may look impressive but if the homeowners aren’t comfortable in the space it’s a fail. Livability should be the priority.

Rule 5 – Take your time

Rushing through a project can be stressful for both you and the client. If the vision is not there take your time to look for it. If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Make sure everyone is on board and happy before you take the project to the next level. It may seem like a delay but in the end the project flows smoother and everyone can enjoy the experience more.

Rule 6 – Know when to call it.

It is always very obvious when a house is over designed. Once you get to a point that you love it, stop. It is easy to get carried away.

Simple design rules to live by!


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