Whether you’re planning a renovation, choosing the finishes for a new home build, or wanting to add décor and flare to your existing space, feeling inspired can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many different styles, options, and solutions out there that finding what suites you best can be overwhelming not to mention keeping those thoughts organized and easily communicated. Gone are the days of the struggle with stacks of magazine clippings, scrap books, and story boards to gather all your ideas and inspiration.  As designers we are there to take the information that you give us and create a space that has function and style specific to you.

If you have not yet visited Houzz.com it offers the perfect solution. It is a website that targets primarily
residential design and décor with content and photo’s uploaded by design professionals around the world. It provides th3cb45d_f40bd5662ebc46a2a232caf3dbba4942e opportunity to see their work, ask questions, find product, and get inspired. You are able to search any style, detail, product or thought that pops into your head with all the design photo’s relating to that search at your finger tips. In addition to finding the perfect inspiration for your space, Houzz helps to keep it all organized through setting up your own ideabook where you save the photo’s you find and note your likes and dislikes in each. Houzz can also be very helpful in that they can intuitively offer you suggestions that match your design style based on the photo’s that you select in your ideabook.

The great part of all of this it that when it comes time to get your project going you are able to collaborate your ideabooks with us the designers or contractors. We are able to not only see what you have added and commented on but can add photos and comments of our thoughts and ideas for your project. Communication is huge in design so Houzz helps us seamlessly gather and share the information and visual cues we need to put the perfect space together that is specific to your style, needs and desires. Give it a try…but be careful. It can be very addicting!

Thinking of renovating? See us on Houzz  http://www.houzz.com/pro/cecilyw/woolrich-group-design-and-construction  We can help!

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