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Kitchen reno with and island and a large peninsula. Granite countertops, two tone cabinetry, professional appliances, and brushed brass hardware

One of the largest unintended consequences of a home renovation is the disruption in the day-to-day life of the homeowner. Don’t just dismiss the notion of moving out as too large of a cost. Don’t resign yourself to living with the mess, noise, and disorder without giving the alternatives due consideration. It can cost your family more than you think in stress.

A prolonged home renovation project is a disruption in your life. No, it isn’t up there with such Dobson Kitchen with Treytonstressors as a major illness, a death in the family, or a job loss, but it is among the most stressful circumstances a relationship or a family can face. The peace and quiet of your home sweet home will be shattered, stress levels can escalate and in turn can put pressure on a family.

Staying on schedule means much more than just saving on construction costs. It also means how much of your life are you willing to delay?

When a homeowner works with an experienced integrated design and construction company, the schedule is the schedule. It is the company’s responsibility to worry about how to stick to the time lines and budget. We will take that stress away from the home owner and handle it on our end.

The experienced company knows how to make up time when tasks are delayed so that the entire project can finish on time. The only question the homeowner is left asking is “how much is that worth to me?

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