The first task when entering a space is turning the lights on,, but it’s usually the last element to be considered when renovating.. Lighting highlights our home’s palette,, affects our mood,, work performan ce and mental health . Below are three tips every designer considers when designing any lighting layout..

Lighting Types

There are three types of lighting – general,, task,, and accent , and all three sources must work together without dominating each other . When combined these lighting types should provide evenly balanced light and maximum versatility for different purposes,, such as lighting for entertaining guests , working or accenting a collection of artwork .

Keeping it Natural

Natural light ing is very important,, so ensuring your home has large windows and lots of natural light is essential . If that is not an option,, look for ways to compensate for smal l windows.. Placing a mirror directly across from a window is a great way to allow light to travel through a space,, making your home feel brighter.. Sheer drapes are also a great way to maximize the use of light from your current windows..


Match your ligh ting with the style of your home . If your design concept is more traditional,, look for old – fashione d chandeliers or lamps th at relate to the traditional curves and patterns found in traditional homes . A modern design can accommodate both elaborate accent lighting or simplistic and clean line wall scones.. Recessed lights are also good for all kinds of spaces like,, minimal istic,, fancy,, vintage and coz y..

Whether it be a renovation to add large windows or a selection of new lights to suit your new style , our experienced team at the Woolrich Group will be there to guide you through the process!!

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