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It is the age old question, ‘which comes first, the chicken or the egg?’ It is true in renovations as well. Who do you start with? Hiring an interior designer vs contractor to get your project in motion. Renovating is a difficult task as it is, so hiring the right people to work with is key. The contractor has experience and knowledge in the what and the how for the project. They are resourceful, knowledgeable with structure, taking a plan and rolling with it, and will offer advice as needed. They are the do-ers of the renovation world. An Interior designer has the vision and the creativity to get a plan of action in place. They will get to know you and how you live, they are a sounding board that will help you come up with ideas to suit your personality and lifestyle, and will pull all of the materials and concept together for you. When it really comes dowWoolrichGroup_Integr_logo-darkern to it you need both of their knowledge and experience working together to help make your dream home come true. That being said it is difficult to work with 2 different people with different ideas of how things should be done. This is where the integrated design and construction companies were formed. Combining both the Interior Design and the Construction Contracting under one roof solves the age old question and you can rest easy having one group take care of all your needs. You would work with the interior designer up front to come up with the concept and design plan who then would take over from there. The Designer and contractor work together to ensure everything is followed through to plan and on schedule leaving you headache free during the process. Having the creative help, the structural knowledge and access to all the trades under one roof is truly a one stop shop in renovations leaving you to be as stress free as possible during the experience.

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