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Yes, Alberta’s climate is not ideal for outdoor living but when we do have the opportunity to spend time outside we relish it. We put such a huge value on that time, much more than people in warmer clients. It is for this reason that we love to put the time and energy into making our yards as well designed and landscaped as possible to extend those warm days and much as we can…even if it only gets enjoyed for a few months a year. Designing and Creating outdoor living spaces is very personal, however the general goals are relaxation, family time and entertaining. Here are some things to consider when planning your outdoor living projects.

  1. Greenery – This will vary for each person. Some want the ability to putter throughout those summer months with a large grassy area,  a vegetable garden or simply decorative garden/planters, or a selection of trees and shrubs. There is a lot of maintenance in the lush more organic yards. For those who prefer the low maintenance living, the greenery might drop to a minimum with a few planters and low maintenance shrubs surrounded by concrete patios or deck and very little grass if any.
  2. Heat – Outdoor heat can extend the life of your outdoor enjoyment further into the evenings of those summer days and also add a few extra months of outdoor living to the year. Fire pits are inexpensive and provide a nice social atmosphere to the yard. While gas or propane heaters or fireplaces can be of great value and low maintenance to add excellent consistent and more portable heat to a seating area.
  3. Outdoor living layout – Thinking about how you want to use your outdoor space and allocating certain areas to different functions can be a great way to get all that you can from your yard. For example similar to your indoor living space you can create a dining space, more of a casual conversational seating area, and a play/gardening area.
  4. Audio – Todays Audio solutions are amazing and for the most part can be wireless and weather resistant. Using wifi and a few wireless speakers can transform the atmosphere of your outdoor space
  5. Covered Spaces – Being that our weather can be so unpredictable, there are ways to create covered outdoor living permanent or removable. Pergolas are a great way to add that option. They add a vertical design element but by adding some simple retractable shades you can add some protection from the elements.
  6. Cooking – This too is very personal. From keeping it simple with a BBQ and table for the family to the chef extraordinaire creating a full built in outdoor kitchen may be the perfect fit. BBQ’s, countertops, outdoor fridges, a smoker, outdoor bar area. The options are
    endless. Just remember to consider all the power and gas hook ups that you may need to make it work.

It is never too early to start planning and designing your outdoor living space. Because of the climate and the limited time we have to landscape, the earlier you can get the plan, the product and set up the construction the better. If you are looking for help give us a call! Check out our latest outdoor living creation!


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