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New home build dining room with white painted wainscotting, drywall ceiling detail and a 5 panel shaker style barn door to butler pantry

The idea of creating balance and unity in not only a single room but throughout an entire house is the key to good interior design. While there are many principles that play a large role in achieving good design consistency is foremost. Unfortunately this is also a feature that is often overlooked by many home owners. Consistency is accomplished by applying a number of different interior design principlesWoolrigh-Group-Project-Cochrane-home-gets-its-long-deserved-character-05 to all aspects and areas of the home. The idea is to create a grouping of complimentary spaces within the home rather than a collection of aesthetically unrelated rooms. There are several ways of achieving this unity. One of the easiest ways is using consistent materials throughout the home. An example would be metals, maintaining the same finish throughout the space will establish more of that consistency.  Door levers, cabinet hardware, bathroom hardware and light fixtures should all be visually uniform throughout the space.

A second and perhaps more challenging way of achieving consistency is to maintain a specific style
throughout the home.  Establishing a uniform style not only brings material balance into play but also many design eleNew home build dining room with white painted wainscotting, drywall ceiling detail and a 5 panel shaker style barn door to butler pantryments such as line, repetition, shape and rhythm which can prove challenging. The idea is to decide on a concept for your home from a picture, an item or a key component that you may appreciate and would like incorporated into the visual landscape of your home. The subsequent application of design principles based on this concept is what will result in a well design living space. For example if you are drawn to an Arts and Crafts linear style that has strong clean lines try reiterating them throughout the cabinetry, baseboards, railings, wall paneling and even furniture. This repetition of line and texture will create a rhythm throughout the space that will allow the eye to move comfortably from one surface, one object and one space to another.

Although creating a home that adheres to the principle of consistency requires research and guidance, ultimately when all of these elements are brought together it creates a visual continuity throughout the home. The emotional ambiance from one room continues to the next seamlessly giving aesthetic harmony that will make your house truly a home.

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