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Drapery, shades or blinds?… There are so many choices in window coverings leaving many stumped as to what to choose to fulfill function and aesthetic at the same time. Is this you? We can help! The big questions that come in to play with window coverings are privacy and light. Where you want more privacy, where you want to bring in/ block out light or the option for both. Here is some advice to help you wade through the options.

The common areas of the home are more social areas where the natural light is a benefit the majority of the time and privacy IMG_9866blend copyisn’t as big of a concern. Adding to the aestheWoolrigh-Group-Project-Adding-the-final-touch-with-draperies-03tic through texture and softness of fabric is encouraged to complete a space. On the main floor sheers or semi sheer draperies can be great, depending on the opacity of the fabric you can add a bit of privacy and still let in the natural light. Layering a shade or a sheer under draperies or drapery panels is another great way to get the control that you are looking for with regards to privacy and light levels.


In the kitchen it is a Kitchen renovation with reclaimed wood island and uppers, custom hood fan, concrete countertops and wide plank oak space where the material has to stand up to a bit of wear and tear. In this instance I would consider a roller shade. The materials tend to hold her spaces on the main floor. Choosing the proper fabric to hold up in that environment is important.up a bit better and when they are pulled the light can still filter through. Romans or false romans can be used as well to add the texture and aesthetic that you might want to help tie the kitchen in to the other spaces of the main floor.


Ensuite Renovation with a drop in soaker tub, with vein cut travertine tub deck and skirt and a mosaic insert.Privacy is generally the main concern in the bathroom although the natural light is nice as well. There are a few great options in these spaces. If you are a fabric person wanting to add softness Roman shades are a great option for the bathroom…even when they are up they add that extra layer of detail to the space. The fabric selection is key for the romans depending on what level of privacy that you would like vs. how much light you would like to have filter in. If you are not a fabric person roller shades can also be used to add that privacy and allow light to filter in. They are sleek and simple but very functional. Lastly there is the cellular look. These can be adapted with many different options including the top down/bottom up feature. This allows you to have full privacy from eye level down while maintaining full natural light from eye level up. They are also helpful in insulating from the cold.

In bedrooms Draperies are always a nice touch. The full height fabric gives that lovely cosy feel to the room. We would use a blackout liner on the back of the bedroMaster bedroom reno with tall built in closet cabinets, a custom headboard with storage and upholstery and custom draperyom draperies to give that extrMaster bedroom renovation with dark wood king sized bed, custom grey bedding and heavy custom grey draperiesa dark peaceful sleep. If you would like the option to control your privacy and lighting in the bedroom, layering shades under your draperies instead of a blackout liner will give you more options and more control. The same ideas can be used in a Theater room.

Each home and home owner have different needs and preferences. We help you find the perfect fabric, drapery style, shade or blind to fulfill all your window covering requirements.

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