In today’s age with influences like Marie Kondo and a push towards minimalism, everyone is starting to become more aware of all the items to which we hold on to, and the things that pile up in our home!

One main space in your home in which items can pile up, is the garage. Therefore, when thinking of your next remodel, the garage may be the perfect place to start! 


These trends towards minimalism, focus on clearing unnecessary items from your space, and recommend only holding on to items that are important to you. So, what better place to start that in that cluttered garage!

With a renovation of your garage space, you can focus on clearing out those unused items and create a space that is just as functional as your kitchen or living room would be! Plus, add some storage solutions for those items that are important to you!  

Still not convinced? We outlined our top reasons to renovate your garage space: 

It’s your First Impression   


The garage may be a space you don’t see as a first priority, but in fact, we feel it should be the first on your list! It is a space that is often used as the main point of entry and exit to your home. When it is cluttered and unappealing, your first and last thoughts of your home will be unpleasant.    

It’s often Unused Space


Tackling a garage renovation can revolutionize the way you see your garage. Take, for example, our Cochrane renovation project Bearspaw Summit.   We were able to create an overhead garage living space to serve as additional quarters for guests.

The open concept design allows for breathability and functionality in the unique tiny space. Equipped with its own kitchenette, bathroom, dining and living area, as well as an open concept bedroom!

It Holds some Prized Possessions


The garage is often a place in which you may hold on to some of your most prized possessions, such as collectable cars, sports memorabilia, etc. That being said, it can also be a space in which you place things you no longer want or need.

It is important that you create a space that holds only the things that are necessary for you and bring you joy. Create a space where your prised possesions comes first and are displayed in the best way possible!

A carefully designed garage can go a long way in helping you declutter to bring joy into your life and envision how you want to live.

Find out more about our Bearspaw Summit project and how we designed a livable and functional space.

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