The kitchen is the MOST used space in the home. So, why not make it a place you love and ENJOY spending time in! 

There are a few Kitchen trends that have been popular over the last couple of years, and are spilling into our kitchen renovations in 2020! Not only are some of these really cool elements to add into your home, but also increase the functionality of your space! 

Add a Pop of Colour 

One major trend over the last few years, is adding a “pop” of colour to your kitchen! There are a ton of different ways to incorporate this trend. From beautiful bright cabinets, a statement wall colour or even adding a funky coloured fridge (have you seen the Smeg pink fridge?) can bring in this trend to your kitchen! 

To Ceiling Cabinets

This is a no-brainer. So many dated kitchens don’t have this element incorporated, and the style change makes all the difference! Gone are the days where you store un-nessesary bowls you never use to collect dust above your cabinets! To ceiling cabinets give the illusion of higher ceilings, while using the most out of that added space and getting rid of that dust collector area we all used to dread!

Criss-Cross or Glass Cabinets

Who says you have to have regular wood cabinets? There are so many options to make your cabinets stand out, or mix and match different varieties to add some interest to the room! Glass cabinets can also be a beautiful addition, and allow you to show off some of those funky glasses or bright dishes! 

Bold Hardware

With so many options on the market, your hardware can be such a statement in your kitchen. Brushed copper, gold, black or otherwise – there are so many trendy options to add something extra to your kitchen! 

Extend your Island 

Not only does this look AMAZING in your kitchen, but makes your space super functional, especially for a busy family. Consider extending your island and making your dining table or breakfast bar a little bigger and more functional for your family! 

Built in Appliances

Hide your appliances away in your cupboards! Not only does this look great, but can provide a lot more counter space, especially if you consider a built-in microwave! 

Smart Tech

One big trend over the last few years has been adding some smart tech to your kitchen! There are so many cool details you can wire into this room, to add functionality or asthetic. Adding USB ports, wifi gadgets or uplighting to your beautiful dishes – with smart tech the options are endless!