With the overwhelming variety of home renovation companies on the market, it can be a tough decision on who is right for the job.

There are a lot of interior designers and contractors that can do the job. Meaning, you will have to hire both parties and communicate between the two to get the job done. Sometimes this can come with a lot of hurdles and complications, not to mention the added cost.

As an integrated design + construction firm, we can do the job from start to finish. We have a one team, one collaborative approach. Why is this important?


Here are our top three reasons why you should Hire a Design-Build Firm:

You want to simplify the overall process.

 With a design-build firm, your designer and contractor are already on the same team. They have experience working together and know how to collaborate, which means that disagreements are minimized and changes happen more quickly and smoothly.

You’re on a tight schedule or budget.

Have a strict deadline in mind for your project? Need to stick to a firm budget? With a design-build firm, everyone is on the same page in terms of timing, design decisions and overall costs. This can benefit both your schedule and the bottom line even when last-minute changes crop up.

You have a tricky project.

Whether you have an old fixer-upper that needs extra attention or you’re facing a challenging issue such as a tight urban site, a design-build firm can help. Because a design-build firm brings all the experts together under one roof, they can provide solutions from the outset and smooth out the overall process from start to completion.