Hardware is the lipstick of millwork and furniture pieces. It is the fastest way to instantly update the look of a cabinet or door, and is far more affordable than replacing an entire kitchenbathroom or wardrobe.

The right piece can finish off the look of the room while making a statement. With so many options, and unique styles to choose from, how do you choose the right hardware for your space? 

The world of hardware is VAST, especially since you can find almost every shape, colour and style online! It can be difficult to narrow down which door knobs, cabinet pulls and hinges to choose. So, we recommend taking a few things into consideration, before making your final decision:

Make sure it Complements your Design

You want the style of hardware chosen for your space to compliment your design aesthetic. Whether you go with a hidden cabinet pull for a sleek, modern look, or a classic cup pull for a more traditional look, each piece will make a statement.

Consult your Design Professional for Ideas 

We recommend first looking online for inspiration images of what styles you like and don’t like, or talking to your design professional for ideas! They likely have a plethora of options and companies you didn’t even know existed and will be able to narrow down what it is you are looking for, within your budget.

Make Sure it’s Functional

Functionality is huge when it comes to hardware! Choose pieces that are easy and comfortable to use – since you might be using them daily! Most of us have been in contact with a cabinet pull that feels awkward, or a door handle that always has issues, save yourself the frustation by buying the RIGHT style.

Lastly, Try it out first! 

The best way to know if you’re going to like the hardware is to go and try them out before purchasing. Or (if ordering online) make sure they are returnable, before buying enough for your whole kitchen or bathroom.

When you find hardware that is both the aesthetic you’re looking for and is truly functional, you’re guaranteed to love them! 

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