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As 2018 comes quickly to a close it gives us a chance to reflect on the last 12 months and gear up for a new and exciting year of design. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest trends anticipated for 2019 and want to share some of them with you in case you’re planning a renovation for your home and need a little inspiration!

Patterned Backsplashes

In 2018 we really saw the resurgence of the patterned tile trend, mostly on floors, but for 2019 we predict patterned backsplashes are going to take center stage — like this incredible example from the Trend’ir blog on Patterned Tiles. Definitely not a trend for the faint of heart, but for those willing to take a risk and do something fun and bold in the kitchen, this trend is going to be huge and can pay off in a huge way!

Sustainable Handmade Pieces

More and more clients are asking for handmade pieces that come from local or small businesses. In a world predominantly run by big box stores we’re noticing that clients want to add a flare of individuality with handmade pieces that are one of a kind. With this trend, the materials tend to be more natural and sustainable, like jute, wood, clay etc. It’s the perfect way to support local businesses, be more environmentally conscious and create a one-of-a-kind interior you can be proud of. These planters by Canmore native AS Ceramics are a great example of the kind of craftsmanship and personality pieces clients are wanting in their spaces.

Re-imagined White Interiors

For the past few years white interiors with lots of natural tones, and pops of black and brass have been all the rage — and while we don’t see this trend going anywhere any time soon, we do predict an increase in the boldness of colour choices. Keeping a nice natural palette and accenting with bold, brightly saturated colours, like this living featured on Interior Charm, is on the horizon for 2019 and we’re excited to see what kind of interiors arise out of this new trend.

Dramatic Dark Bathrooms

A big trend shift for 2019 will be the integration of dark, moody bathrooms where bright spa-like ones once reigned. The drama and sophistication of darker palettes will create a cozy cave of tranquility for those willing to take a risk and introduce such a bold palette into their home. Dark and moody doesn’t have to mean “not-bright” as this beautiful bathroom from Rock my Style showcases perfectly!

Darker Countertops

In addition to darker bathrooms, dark countertops will make a comeback in 2019. The light kitchen will always be a classic choice, but to modernize a space, like Liz Shupanitz Design has done here, we will see the use more and more of countertops that are dark — really adding a punch of personality into the home.

Back to Wood

The last trend we predict for 2019 will be wood making a strong comeback; particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Where a painted island was all the rage, we’re seeing a transition back to wood instead. This kitchen featured on Decor Pad is the perfect example of how to create a modern space while adding the warmth of wood. This trend works beautifully with all of the trends we’re excited to see in 2019, and we can hardly wait to get a jump on these projects and see them come to life.

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