Kitchen renovation with two toned cabinetry, large curved island and glass backsplash.

Planning to renovate your kitchen? Here are some great things to keep in mind while planning:

  1. Size and Shape 

There is no perfect Size or shape for a kitchen. Work with what you have and design to it’s full potential. The goal is functionality, keeping a work triangle in mind while getting as much storage as possible with in that. If there is the option to take out a wall and expand, do it. The kitcKitchen renovation with two toned cabinets to the ceiling, giallo ornamental granite and gas range.hen is the center of the home, make sure it is the star

 2. Never too much counter space     

Workspace in the kitchen is precious. Countertops can get over run with small appliances, dishes, family and friends socializing, etc. Making sure you have good counter space on either side of the range, around the sink and separating the ‘social’ counter space with the working counter space is key.

     3. Flow 

Everyone always wants to be in the kitchen at the same time. Whether you have a small or large kitchen having proper traffic paths and ergonomics for everyone to move seamlessly is a must. Minimum 42” between cabinets and island keeps nice roomy pathways to avoid bumping into each other. A work triangle and appliance and placement is also key to keep the people working and the people visiting the fridge or beverage area from Kitchen reno with and island and a large peninsula. Granite countertops, two tone cabinetry, professional appliances, and brushed brass hardwareinterfering too much.  

 4. Appliances 
Appliances are important, especially if you are a chef extraordinaire. Keep function in mind, if you love to cook for larger groups consider a Speed oven instead of a microwave. It acts as a second oven and microwave all in one.  Unless they are very recent purchases, buying all new appliances for the new kitchen is recommended. It may seem to save some money to try to reuse the old but they stand out like a sore thumb in your brand new space and ensuring the space is design for ‘future’ appliance changes can be very challenging.

5. LightingKitchen renovation with two toned cabinetry, a beverage centre with wine rack and beverage fridge

In the kitchen lighting is extremely important. You are using heat, sharp items and trying to work. There is often not as much lighting as there should be in the kitchen. For proper lighting it’s best to shine down in front of you and onto the work space rather that be behind you casting a shadow. Under cabinet lighting is great because it shines directly onto the work space and is also a lovely mood light when you have company.

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